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[25 Jun 2009 | Comments Off | ]
Music and the Brain:  How Important is Music to Your Child’s Development?

Over two decades ago researchers in the US began studying the link between learning ‘to read music and play the piano’, and ability in Math and Science.

This led to a ten year UCLA study comparing results for young students taking music versus students taking computer classes. Students learning to read music and play the piano scored significantly higher on Math and Science assessments.

Researchers then went on to prove that learning to read music and play the piano has other cognitive benefits. Hong Kong university of China discovered that not only does the regimen of learning to read and play music increase the rate of learning new vocabulary, but it results in a permanent increase in the learning rate. If the music learning process stops, the increased capacity is retained. If the challenging music program starts again, the rate of learning increases further.

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[24 Nov 2008 | Comments Off | ]
Music Learning & Your Brain

The benefits of quality music education are immense. Beyond the sheer joy that people experience in making music, studies over the past decade have shown us some amazing things about music and the development of young minds. Study after study has demonstrated that the process of learning to read and play music actually stimulates important areas of the brain. This can lead to accelerated rates of learning and comprehension in math, science and reading which, in turn, results in improved attitudes towards learning and better behavior in schools.