The self-paced tutorials require little supervision to impart basic keyboard skills, rhythm, and simple ear training. Our child is enthusiastic and has to be pried away from the keyboard to go to bed! -J. West, Parent

Gets to the heart of how music is learned…a simpler and more effective way to develop a musical sense that will last. -The New York Times

My husband and I got our three-year old Children’s Music Journey for Christmas, and we all loved it. The graphics were excellent, the characters were engaging, the games were fun, and the lessons were enjoyable. He did not want to stop. We now have a planned lesson once a week and games all the time. I do not remember my early years of piano being very enjoyable at all, but he always begs for more. The appeal of the games to young kids is the real genius of this program, since they are having so much fun that they forget that they are learning. Thank you for making piano exciting for my child. -Sarah Kennedy, Parent

I love your Ear Training Coach Vol.1&2 and 3&4. My students have been using them for two years now- and they love the challenge! I highly recommend this software when I give a workshop for local teachers for National Music Certificate Program. -Veronika

A breakthrough! A tremendous value for parents of young children. -Rafael Alcolado, President, NS Registered Music Teachers Association

It’s not hard to imagine that this animated, narrated interactive software could help any child become very enthusiastic about learning to play the piano. The bright, cheerful composers and performers help young children absorb these ideas at a pace controlled by the child. -Damian Llopis, Pro-Art Musica™

The foremost piano and music rudiment program for elementary students that I have ever run.” -Eric Allen, Primary Education Curriculum Specialist

An excellent piano program. Kids love it. Parents love it. -Catherine Loftin, Maestro-Award Music Teacher

I bet that a lot of youngsters will enjoy using the program, without realizing that they are having ‘music lessons’. -Janet Dowsett, Yamaha Club Magazine

No other program offers as engaging or as comprehensive an approach to learning the language of music. -P. Kern, Parent

I have been in a teaching situation with people from ages 7-78… Piano Suite is for everyone. Piano Suite can certainly stand alone as a teaching tool for motivated learners. Piano Suite is a true learning experience for all users…one of the most sophisticated, comprehensive and useful learning programs we have seen. -LearningVillage.com

Music is a very powerful stimulus to learning. We’ve seen in a number of studies that learning keyboard develops spatial reasoning skills in kids. Every child should have the benefit of the experience of some serious learning in music. The software itself is pretty comprehensive when you think about learning experiences and curriculum for music.”  -James Catterall, Professor of Education, UCLA

Piano Suite sets the standard for music educational technology, providing several years of regular use in the single title. -Damian Llopis, Masters in Piano Pedagogy, PhD in Comp-Sci

One of the great joys is going upstairs and just watching their faces as they are discovering and moving through the lessons. It’s been a wonderful learning experience for all of us.  -Yvonne Knight, Principal, PS93, New York City

My students are enthusiastic to begin their sessions, and even the most active kids are completely engaged for the entire lesson. It’s remarkable.  -Rob Collins, Elementary Music Teacher

An excellent tool to introduce children to music theory and concepts. It’s so wonderful when a child doesn’t want to leave when the lesson is up. -Mary Brown, music teacher

Piano Suite is AWESOME! It has games where the student has to play the correct notes and characters on the computer tell them if they are correct. It’s the best program I’ve found and is very user friendly! -John, music teacher

The games!! They are so well illustrated and use such cute characters! The children love visiting the princess and her dog. Several are just beginning to read and want to read every word in the book, which is an extra plus.  -Kathy Sparks

CMJ really relates well to kids. The program maximizes on how children learn… through multi-sensory play. Parents love it! Kids love it! And educators love it! This is the best piano teaching program available on the market today. -Janette Georges, early music educator

It is clear that children who participate in early keyboard instruction benefit in a number of ways. These children, for example, do better in math and science. Behavior and general reading levels have also been shown to improve. -D. Reardon, Principal